Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The World View on IT Greening the Enterprise

How does the rest of the world view Green IT?

I want to draw your attention to a wonderfully concise (just 3 pages) summary of ICT's current and potential contributions to sustainability. ICT, by the way, is what the rest of the world calls IT. It more accurately represents Information and Communications Technologies, or ICT, as one package.

Trudy Heller, CEO of Executive Education for the Environment, offers an encouraging view of worldwide efforts to both make IT greener, and use IT to make everything else more environmentally sustainable. Dr. Heller wrote the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) chapter for the recently released Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability.

Although the article is not available online, I'm hopeful Trudy will either make the content available in some other venue, or work with me to summarize it here. Stay tuned.

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