Monday, August 22, 2011

"Upper management tying electric bill to CIO performance," Green IT Guy says

If that's true, it's certainly about time. I'd love to see a list where this is happening. I haven't heard it from any IT managers I've asked in the past year.

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Some other key points:
  • If I can walk into any organization and cut their energy usage, carbon output, and IT expense in half, I don’t see how that could be considered green washing or marketing hype.
  • Energy reductions standards are moving from voluntary to mandatory.  
  • Large investors are starting to pay attention to sustainability indexes.  
  • IT departments that once considered Green IT a niche now see it as vital to their business.
  • "Green IT 1.0" initiatives such as data center consolidation have gone main stream. Pioneering companies and government agencies, such as UPS and the City of Palo Alto, have moved on to "Green IT 2.0"-- using IT to make everything else Greener.
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