Friday, June 18, 2010

Project Management in {your specialty goes here}

I hope you never have to recover a crashed hard drive. But in doing so, it's amazing what one finds. I turned up gems that could have become articles, books, businesses or even entire industries, had I just stuck with them. This is one idea that could have become an article.

In 2006, Project Management expert Cheryl Strait published "It's All in the Technique" in Information Management Journal. Reading the article, I quickly recognized the universality of her advice. It's so universal, in fact, that I copied it into Word, and wherever the phrase "records management" or the acronym "RIM" appeared, I replaced it with {your specialty goes here}.

I read through the result, and it mostly worked. Try it for yourself. Find the article at, and wherever you see the phrase "records management" or the acronym "RIM", mentally plug in your industry or specialty.

BTW, according to LinkedIn, Cheryl is now a Principal at Ernst & Young, near Detroit, MI, USA.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mobile Learning is key to creating a Green Workforce

M-Learning-- mobile learning-- is key to creating a Green Workforce, because it puts in people's hands the info they need to do the right thing- where decisions are made, and actions taken.

Most firms express a committment to the environment at a high level, but the behavior I see at a day-to-day level is still as oblivious as ever. I want to create a framework and a curriculum to enhance all on-the-job interactions with the environment. The content would start out general and story-driven, gradually scaling out to role- and task-specific instructional materials, across a range of trades and professions. It's a huge task, and as the recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico proved, it's past time we got started on it.

Please forward this to ones who would be motivated and able to make a business in this domain.