Wednesday, July 25, 2012

iPad as Brain Extender

It’s the invasion of the one-handed brain-extender that fits in a (big) pocket.

Nate Clevenger wrote a book that I think you’ll find valuable, if you’re considering implementing iPads in an enterprise. You *can* take it with you.

The iPad’s been making big waves for in-hand mobile apps. It’s probably the closest thing we’ve gotten yet to a “brain extension.” The iPad has enough processing power and screen size to see content and context on the same screen, while being small enough to use in one hand, then slip into the pocket of a lab coat, a suit jacket, or a work apron.

To quote Nate's blurb:

I wrote the book as a guide for how business and IT must collaborate to develop a mobile strategy to properly take advantage of this transformative technology. It includes sections on strategy, architecture, design, development and deployment. If you’re interested, you can learn more at