Friday, December 4, 2009

Schlepping our own Stumbling Blocks to Copenhagen

I published this a while back on my Plastisaurus site, but it bears repeating now:
FOR SALE: Fine, furniture-grade Stumbling Blocks, in solid woods and hardwood veneers.
Lovely accessories, add grace to your home, office, or outdoor decor.
Wonderfully inert, useful for stabilizing large piles of objects, as well as for stopping trucks, traffic, good moods, meeting agendas, and relationships. Quite heavy, on-site pickup only. Make offer.
I was inspired by the US quietly increasing its 2020 Carbon Reduction Target from 1990 levels to much higher 2005 levels.

Although there are sure to be plenty of things for our negotiators to sit on, they're schlepping their own Stumbling Blocks all the way to Copenhagen. I can only hope they get damned uncomfortable!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Add IT, Global Telecom Group tells Copenhagen

Pressure mounts for IT inclusion in Copenhagen agreement

Industry steps up lobbying for energy-efficient IT projects to be included in expanded CDM


The IT industry will be mentioned in the draft climate treaty that will form the basis for negotiations at next month's UN summit in Copenhagen, following a successful lobbying campaign from the international body that regulates the IT and telecommunications industry.

The International Telecommunications Union said that the main aim of its push to have IT included in the treaty is to see energy-efficient IT projects included in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) offsetting scheme, or any successor to it.

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