Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forrester: A CEO who's clueless on Green IT may not get IT either

Forrester Research's Doug Washburn asks, Does your CEO care about Green IT?

Survey results suggest that more than half of CEOs surveyed globally rate sustainability as "very important" to their firms' futures, and that green-driven firms have been 16% more profitable over the past 3 years.

Here's Washburn's kick in the butt: "While your CEO might care about green, they may not necessarily care about IT."

Wow! That's a big leap. It's based on Forrester's finding that only 16% of firms globally even mention green IT in their annual reports. So, they see Greening as a high priority, but don't see IT as a key path to achieving it.

This spells a big "uh-oh" for CIOs. Green IT is a big visibility-maker and money-saver. You're not doing it just for IT's sake, you're doing it to demonstrate what you can do-- for other parts of your firm, as well as for current customers and those you don't have yet.

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