Sunday, November 21, 2010

Share your Green IT secrets, and don't stop there

Heather Clancy, in her Greener Pastures column, encourages IT folks to share their best stuff for the Uptime Institute's 2011 Green Enterprise Awards.

While it's called a Green Enterprise award, alas it is still just Green IT 1.0: Making IT Greener. Remember, that's just the appetizer. The main course is Green IT 2.0: IT Making Everything Else Greener.

Of course, IT should make itself Greener. Besides the environmental benefits, all those cost savings make it a total no-brainer. It's also rather self-absorbed and self-limiting to stop there.

The far greater impact comes when IT brings its tools, data, and systems thinking to the immense task of making whole enterprises, even whole industries, regions, and international systems, Greener. And, it greatly increases the CIO's strategic value to one's own enterprise.

Why stop at your own doorstep, when there's a world to benefit?

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